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“Ok bored now,” A woman’s voice rang through the silent cedar forest. It was a smooth mezzo loaded with frustration and the afore mentioned boredom. A figure hauled itself upright from where it had laid hidden among the chest high ferns and shook to remove the detritus that clung to them. In the gloom, little was visible of them save for their silhouette clad in a loose knee length green chiton.

It was a female, tall with a curvaceous figure, she shook out her mane and took a step into the sunlight. The pillar of light revealed a heart shaped face with lightly tanned skin, a full mouth, black brows and long straight nose. But most startling were her eyes. They were a nearly luminescent ice blue eyes that gleamed with a fierce intelligence. A thin scar slid diagonally across her face, running from her right temple to her left jaw, narrowly missing her eye and tugging the right side of her mouth down.

Her hair made a faint rattling sound, drawing attention to the fact that it was not truly hair, more like a collection of fine stalks, segmented like an insect’s legs but flexible. They gleamed like polished ebony in the light and hung to her waist. The largest strands were comparable in diameter to a pencil while the thinnest were mere threads. She stretched her arms up above her head and grunted in satisfaction at the feeling of her muscles loosening. The light gleamed off of a silver chain around her neck that held several rings. She rotated her wrists around in circles above her head before she relaxed back into her neutral position. Putting her right hand onto her hip, she looked up at the hidden sky. “I know you’re listening! I. AM. BORED!” She yelled, her face annoyed.

Thunder rumbled and a multi layered voice echoed down from the sky. “Oh? And what do you want me to do about it?” The voice asked, amusement colouring its tone.

“I want another go. Find me something to do. A war, an adventure, hell I’d even take a shitty romance novel now!” The woman begged, throwing her hands up in desperation.

A chuckle rumbled through the sky, shaking the trees with its power. “I thought I was the one in charge around here?” It asked in amusement.

The woman growled, a guttural and feral sound and her hair began to shake and buzz loudly like a rattlesnake’s tail. Her eyes began to glow with an eerie light as ice blue smoke started to trickle from her sockets. Her cheeks grew sunken and her lips pulled back in a snarl that showed long razor sharp canines. The effect made look almost demonic with her rage.

“Ok, ok! I’ll find you something!” The voice placated, not willing to see the destruction the woman would wreak on the surrounding environment. Pocket dimensions cost energy to make after all.

The voice grumbled to itself for a few moments as if listening to someone flick through files over the phone. “Nope, nope, not that one, definitely not, no, no, nope, she’d kill them, AHA!” The cry of triumph made the forest tremble and knocked several branches to the ground. The woman casually took a step to the left to avoid being impaled by a large branch that landed point down and quivering where she had been standing.

“Right so we have here a large explosion as torn apart the very fabric of reality, only one survivor. Hero: TBA apparently. Villain: wannabe god. Religious level: zealous. Species native: several. Political climate: unstable. Technology level: Medieval. Magic: existing. Psionics: non-existent. Force: non-existent. Extra notes: suspicion at an all-time high. Paranoia is rampant and demons are pouring into the world.” The voice read off jauntily and the woman raised a brow.

“Dragon age? Really?” She asked, her lips twitching as she held in a laugh.
“Hey! I don’t make this stuff up! I just get to assign people!” The voice protested with what sounded suspiciously like the slamming of a cabinet drawer in the background.

“Sorry, couldn’t help it. I’ll take it” The woman apologized before grinning at the prospect of new adventure. There was the sound of a ballpoint pen being clicked followed by the sound of scribbling.

“0k, paperwork has been filled out. The usual contract. You help make the best outcome happen. You can tell others about past missions as long as the bureau is never mentioned. There was a pause filled with paper shuffling before the voice continued.

“Be advised that the Bureau of Original Characters is not responsible for any injury, death, madness, mutation, torture, psychological, emotional and physical trauma or impregnation that should happen during your assignment. Also any and all transaction involving souls are only valid for the standard
one-thousand-year period. After that your soul comes back to the Bureau and your case is put up for revision. If, you at any point should be engaged in multiple contracts involving your soul by the time of your extraction, you will be forced to serve triple the sentence with each of the contractors as mentioned in the Daedric article. If you want to rampage through the streets, then please remember to send in your rampage application to our local office. We will get back to you in three business days as stated in the Steelport clause.

Marriage is permitted as seen in the Cupid addendum. Should you wish to take a leave of absence in order to participate in a marriage, then please submit the proper forms and applications to your local office. Any children conceived during a mission and carried to term after extraction will be permitted to remain with their parent until the age of eighteen. They will be provided with an education before being returned to their home reality.

Letters may be exchanged with both living and dead from past missions as long as the rules of the contract are followed as allowed by the Hades agreement. Should you die or fail to complete your assigned task, then your case will be brought under review. Three failures will result in your contracts termination as mentioned under the three strikes clause. In keeping with the, “Would you kindly” clause you are also required to submit to mental wipes should it become suspected that you have been compromised. Do you, as an employee of the Bureau of Original Characters, agree to the contract? If so please state your full name, rank, service number, and home reality if you understand and agree with the terms of your contract.” The voice finished and waited expectantly.

The woman sighed and straightened stood at parade rest, “I Miranda Kathleen Istaril Starsinger, rank General, service number 999436648- J3D1 from the home reality of Blank slate, do so understand and agree to the terms of this contract.” She was surrounded with a golden glow signifying that she had entered into a binding contract.

The world around her dissolved and she was standing in a white space with only a holographic terminal and a mirror. She walked over to the terminal and entered her username and password into the appropriate spaces. A small blue wheel spun for several seconds before it opened into a menu. She tapped on the class icon first and began scrolling through her options. Her finger lingered over exiled Jedi, Alagaesian mage, Tamriel jack of all trades and warrior. Eventually she tapped Exiled Jedi. She preferred having the Force to any of the others. Honestly it was the precognition in battle she lov ed. It was her particular favorite. With her class chosen, she began looking through her outfit options. She finally settled on a pair of durable thigh high travel boots, nearly indestructible and rated for all weather.

She selected three pairs of leggings, flexible and strong in the colours of black brown and grey. She selected the black for current wear. Black underclothes came next.

Five pairs were placed in the small bag of holding she had set up. After this, a collection of simple shirts, dresses, corsets and tunics in a variety of colours. She selected a black sleeveless shirt that sat close to her skin. She tucked it into her leggings and, after that, she selected a leather corset with shoulder straps.

The corset was more than just a fashion statement though, the steel ribs acted as a basic armour, not enough to stop a truly strong blow but enough to offer minute protection. She tightened it snugly with the laces at the side. She flicked her finger through the panel, looking at the lines spinning past until she found it.
A travelling dress made of dark green, warm weatherproof fabric. It sat on her comfortably on her shoulders. Tight sleeves went all the way to her hands and ended in a point on the back of her hand as well as looping through her fingers to protect the palm.

The simple gown shape was laced with brown leather laces from the neck line to the hips before they ended, leaving the rest from her hips to the floor as a slit that was mirrored on the back, making it the perfect travelling dress.
A hood sat behind her on her shoulders, ready to be flicked up at a thought. Finally, a belt that looped around her hips twice sat ready to carry her weapons into the new world. With deft movements, she found a curved Elven sword and a pair of hidden blades.

She then proceeded to load herself up with as many daggers could possibly be concealed on a single person, even going so far as to hid a sheath in her cleavage, “Just in case.”

A six-foot staff made of a dark silver metal, covered in intricate carvings the same as those on her staffsaber came to rest in her off hand. Finally, the intricately engraved hilt of her Saberstaff was hooked onto her belt. Nearly finished, she selected greaves, knee guards, bracers and pauldrons made of intricately embossed Elven steel.

Her right arm ad only the pauldron and vambraces while her left arm was sheathed in the articulated armour. Vines and stars were glinting in the neutral light, shining with an other-worldly light that came from the enchantments woven into the metal.

Finished, she smiled as she logged out and walked over to the mirror with movements that spoke of practice. She selected a strange head piece that adhered to the skin around her hairline in tiny and intricate, vine-like patterns. At the apex of her forehead, the vines dipped down to just between her eyebrows in a twining Celtic point.

She applied a black line of permanent kohl around her eyes and grinned. Her elongated upper canine teeth glinting in the light of the room. She looked wild and refined at once like something out of the strangest imaginings.

She smirked and reached down to the button on the side of the mirror. Would you like to enter your mission? All changes made here are permanent save for in approved areas, flashed across the mirror. She lazily tapped the yes button and froze as the feeling of a thousand volts of electricity blasted through her body, before the world vanished in a wave of sickly green light and excruciating pain.

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