The Dragon Queens

Chapter 8

Citadel- Tevos

Tevos fought the urge to rub her tired eyes. Nine days in negotiations, Voice Galeyal stood there and danced around her for NINE DAYS. Even now the smug Altmer stood there, looking as cool and collected as she had when they had begun these negotiations.

Now though it seemed that the end was in sight even now they were hammering out the details for the signing of the peace treaty. “It would be best if this was a large affair in order to symbolise the enormity of this action.” Callamus repeated trying to convince the Voice.

“I concur but the act of placing it on the Citadel is not the course of action we wish. The treaty should be signed upon our flagship.” Admiral Drescher shot back her blue eyes looking like chips of ice. The voice on the left of Galeyal, Voice Aira suddenly stiffened and reached up and grasped her amulet that was now glowing.

As her hand made contact with the gem she froze, her whole body became covered in a flickering blue aura similar to Biotics yet they also made her slightly transparent. Voice Galeyal and Admiral Drescher noticed this and halted looking expectantly at her while the Nightingales behind them drew closer to her, protecting her from view.

The silence stretched for several minutes with the Councillors shifting uncomfortably after their first few attempts at communication had been ignored. Then abruptly Voice Aira fell to her knees still flickering, her head bowed.

A few moments later she let go of her amulet and standing, turned to look at Galeyal, her dark skin had turned ashen and her eyes were now wide with shock “faal Jud Bo. Nust hind wah kos het wah siin. Nust forun hi Zul Galeyal fah hin lot sod” her voice shook as she said this and the others of the Nirnian party gapped at her.

“Nuz nust lost ni vahlut Vus ko griindol sok ben eruvos” Voice Relena whispered, shock written over her face.

Voice Galeyal shook her head authoritatively “tol los brahnu. Un Jud lost qethserod” she told them all firmly before turning back to the Council. “We have just received word that our Queens shall be arriving to sign the peace treaty. As such we shall allow the signing to occur upon the Citadel on the presidium on the condition that an Imperial Legion shall be permitted upon the Citadel for security. Only the Queens shall sign this, and only if the legion is present. This is our final stance, we will not be moved in this matter.” here she paused for a moment, holding her hand up to forestall all protestations.

“This event is something that shall set the precedent for all future contact between our nations. As such this must reflect the enormity of the situation. It is the will of the Empire then, that this be a truly impressive spectacle.” Galeyal inclined her head and voice Aira spoke next.

“The Queens shall be here in three days. It is then that the treaty shall be signed then.” Galeyal nodded “It would be prudent to begin the arrangements. There is little left to be said and the Queens shall say it better, so let us now retire and begin preparations.” Tevos and the other Councillors nodded and watched in silence as the party swept out of the Chamber and toward the lifts.

A shocked silence hung over the now empty Council chamber “what just happened?” asked Callamus weakly, Uwik blinked rapidly and Tevos massaged her eyes, a migraine now beating a fierce tattoo inside her head.
“Their Queens are coming here.” She stated heavily, her words muffled from behind her hands “The Queens that they seem to view as almost gods are coming here.” The enormity of that statement hit the other two Councillors.

“Spirits preserve us” Callamus groaned his head falling into his palms and Uwik began blinking rapidly and rubbed his hand over one of his horns. Slowly Tevos raised her head “We have three days to set the presidium up for the treaty signing” she informed her compatriots.

“So we’re just going to bow down to what they want?” Callamus asked, his Turian pride belatedly rearing its head.

“We have no choice!” Tevos snapped at him her Biotics flaring “If we don’t do as they’ve said then there will be no treaty. If there is no treaty, then we are at war.”

“And if we go to war we will lose.” Uwik finished bluntly nodding “judging by their easy dismissal of Turian forces at Shanxi, a war with them will be very costly.”

Callamus bowed his head in defeat. “I’ll get C-sec to begin cooperating with the Nirnian security. For the sake of peace, we are going to allow ten thousand heavily armed troops into the heart of our Civilization. Pray to the Spirits this works.” He told the other two quietly before turning and walking tiredly away.
Watching him go Tevos sighed in exhaustion “Goddess I hope it does.”

Nirn- Serana

“So Serana” Serana looked over at her best friend and raised her eyebrow. Ayrenn was standing with her arms crossed and her weight on her left leg watching as the droves of servants hauled a ridiculous amount of luggage onto the waiting shuttle.

“Remember the days when it took us all of ten minutes for us to pack our bags and go on an adventure?” the Altmer continued a wry smile pulling at her lips;

“yes, I also remember having to sleep outside in minus thirty because you forgot the tent.” Serana informed her drily her eyebrow still quirked at her friend.

“Oh please! You’re a Nord AND a Vampire, it’s not like you suffered” Ayrenn pouted “No, but I was the one who had to hold a double flame spell for most of the night to keep a certain Altmer from freezing to death.” Serana shot back at the now grinning Queen. Whatever Ayrenn had been about to say was lost as a rather stuffy looking Imperial Steward came up to the two of them.

“Your shuttle is now ready your Majesties. If you would please enter we shall prepare to leave the Magnus system.” Serana and Ayrenn both nodded and gracefully swept up the gangplank to the waiting royal shuttle that waited to take them to their ship.

As the shuttle approached their personal craft the two women saw a large transport floating near it. “Are all the POWs ready?” Ayrenn asked her aide, the young Altmer bowed “Yes your majesty, the last of them were loaded on three hours ago.”

Ayrenn nodded and settled back in her seat to wait out the rest of her ride. Once upon their personal
ship, the Beauty of Dawn, the two Queen settled themselves in their quarters, preparing for the plane jump.

Once they had shifted realms a glowing light appeared in their cabin “well, well, it’s not every day you both deign to visit.” An imperious female voice echoed from the light.

“Lady Meridia” Ayrenn replied standing and bowing respectfully with Serana echoing the gesture “Thank you once again for allowing us to pass through your realm” Serana smiled at the Daedric prince who had now settled into the form of a human woman in eye searing robes that shone with every colour on the spectrum.
“It is no trouble young Serana.” The lady of light replied graciously, she had gotten over her personal hatred for the Vampire after the other Princes literally locked the two together in a room that made it impossible to use her magic in. After that they had developed a mutual (if grudging on Meridia’s part) respect.

Meridia gestured imperiously with her left hand causing a table appeared, holding an elegant Altmer tea service set for six. “Shall we enjoy this visit my friends?” the prince asked archly “I believe a few others shall be joining us shortly.”

Right on cue a flash of light revealed a man dressed in a motley collection of brightly coloured jester’s clothing with a shout of “CHEESE!!!!”.

A more subdued swirl of black mist took the form of a pale woman scantily clad in black robes and a hood “Nightingale” she whispered and a portal of shadows opened from which stepped a beautiful Dunmer woman.
“My listener” she purred reaching out to stroke Ayrenn’s cheek. “Sheogorath, Nocturnal, Night Mother” Ayrenn greeted them and bowed to each of them.

“It is an honour” Serana added smiling as she bowed. All of them settled down at the table before Ayrenn began pouring the tea.

“You go now to speak with the Council of the Citadel” Night Mother said her eyes sweeping over the two Queens. Serana nodded, meeting the blood red gaze squarely.

“We wish to avoid war at this point. Is there anything you can tell us about them?” she asked handing out the cups.

Sheogorath cackled “Oh there’s plenty we could tell you girly” he paused for a moment as he sipped his tea, “Many of their people are completely MAD with power… ooh scones” he informed them before grabbing the small pastry and popping it into his mouth.

“I would suggest you look to those who the Council has rejected” Nocturnal murmured gazing steadily at them over the rim of her tea cup “the desperate are always willing to make a transaction.” She blinked slowly and daintily sipped her beverage.

“Indeed” Night Mother added nodding “There are many who would do well to be serving Sithis soon. The corruption among their leaders is a rot that goes deep.” Meridia cocked her head for a moment before contributing.

“Speak to both the Quarians and the Geth. That is a challenge of your diplomatic abilities that you have not faced since the day you settled peace between the Maomer and the Altmer. Though they are born of code and metal, the Geth have black souls. Though I do not approve of the manufacturing of life, they grew souls on their own and are thus under my protection. They are not undead as but they are viewed as such. Right this injustice young Queens, fulfill your end of the bargain.” The two Nirnians nodded gravely, before the conversation turned to lighter things.

Citadel- Tevos

“Councillors! Several more ships have appeared near the relay” the young Turian officer informed the three leaders of the Citadel, fighting to keep his face impassive. Quickly Tevos and the others stood and hurried to the window.

Sure enough a small fleet of 10 ships was now floating toward the Behemoth that sat off near the relay. A bevy of sleek Frigates swarmed through space protecting two ships. One was a smaller, sleeker ship that gave the impression of speed rather than power as well as an air of extreme importance. Its gleaming golden hull as covered with intricate swirling designs far different from the feather like patterns on the warships.

These designs gleamed with its own light and a strange blue white shimmer seemed to emanate from them and engulf the ship like a shield. As they watched, it moved elegantly to the Might and slid into the now open cargo bay and then out of sight as the doors closed behind it, sealing the ship protectively from the void.

The other non-warship ship was large and heavier looking, lacking the sleek lines of a warship and having a bulkier shape, obviously a transport of some kind more like a seabird than a raptor. This ship moved into the Might’s shadow and hovered beneath its wings and the frigates settled into a roving pattern of patrols around the two ships, pacing around them like wary varren.

“The Queens have arrived” Tevos said unnecessarily “are the preparations almost done?” she asked Callamus. The Turian Councillor nodded “Though the Nirnians seem to have an intimidating effect on C-sec. They have the route staked out and are patrolling it as if it were a border. According to the head of C-sec they intend to have legionnaires posted every four feet along the route. They are leaving nothing to chance.”
Tevos sighed again “one thing I will say about them, when they decide to make something a spectacle, they go all out. I have been in almost constant contact with Voice Galeyal about setting up for this even. The signing itself should only take around 10 minutes.” She sighed “but they insist a procession on both parties to the platform, and flags, lots of flags to represent every race this affects apparently and several rituals.”

Uwik looked at her in sympathy. “It will be over tomorrow. Don’t worry, just jump through their hoops and get this treaty signed.” There were nods all round as they turned back to the exhausting task of attaining peace.

Might of the Queens- Ayrenn

“I am perfectly capable of bathing myself!” Ayrenn informed her maids frostily. The collection of women looked at each other nervously before turning to the elderly Altmer standing behind them. Lady Catharwyn, her chief lady in waiting.

Catharwyn’s face was set in a sever expression that reminded Ayrenn of her old nurse from when she was a child. “Be that as it may your majesty, this is an extremely important event. The eyes of the Universe are upon you and lady Serana. Therefore, it is upon us to ensure that you do not go into this battle of appearances unarmed.”

Ayrenn muttered a few choice words under her breath, and Catharwyn’s eyes gleamed dangerously “I do not tell you how to rule the Empire Ayrenn Erenwyn Slyvania Alkinus. So you shall not tell me how to dress a lady.” She then took several steps toward that bathing chamber.

“Now if you are quite finished acting like a spoiled brat, disrobe and let us do our jobs your majesty.” She commanded imperiously, her fellow attendants gathering round in readiness.

Ayrenn nodded sheepishly at hearing her full name like some kind of misbehaving child and walked almost
meekly into the large marble room. What followed she could only describe later as an ordeal involving water, soap, oils, lotions, potions and Auriel knew what else.

Then just when she thought it was over she was ushered into a large magically formed sun bath. Magical sunlight poured over her form as she was stood in the center if the room and her glittering gold skin was buffed and polished as if she were nothing more than a piece of jewellery.

She did have to admit though, the sunlight felt wonderful. Altmer needed regular sunbaths to maintain their health, and it also increased the healthy glitter of their skin. She closed her eyes and drifted in the warmth that spread along her limbs.

She came back mentally when she was ushered out of the sun bath and positioned in the middle of her chambers, stark naked except for the towel wound around her damp hair. The black under garment for her ceremonial armour was fitted onto her body despite protests that she was able to pull it on herself and a pair of boots slid up her legs to her mid-thigh.

Maids came in bearing the gleaming pieces of her black enameled, gold edged armour and began fitting it onto her body. Each piece had been cleaned, polished, buffed and shone within an inch of its life by armies of servants by methods both magical and mundane.

Knowing the effort required to get that level of shine out of a set of armour she felt a moment of empathy for the abuse it had undergone in the name of beauty. She vaguely remembered her mother preaching to her and her sister after they had complained about their new shoes being uncomfortable “beauty is pain girls, always remember that.”

She sighed pain indeed. Now armoured she was forced down onto a low chair that had been shoved into the backs of her knees at the same moment, before she was attacked by eight maids wielding brushes and makeup with looks of determination that she had before only seen on the most dedicated Nord berserkers entering into battle.

After an interminable amount of time where by her hair and face had been subjected to the same level of primping as her armour, the four emerald green silk streamers were attached to her shoulders and back while her hair was arranged to fall down her to below her shoulders like a sheet of platinum.

Three golden eagle feathers were woven into her hair, (to represent the three races of the Dominion) and the familiar weight of her crown, now polished to a high gleam, settled onto her head; the cheek plates sliding smoothly over her face. She was stood up again and the chair was whisked away as others began to
fasten her sword and daggers to her armour.

Finally lady Catharwyn approached reverently carrying a long rosewood box, intricately carved and hinged with gold. Gingerly the box was opened and presented to her and she looked at it with an internal sigh.
The bow of Auri-el, the weapon only she could wield, and with the arrows only Serana could make this bow could destroy a sun. It was the ultimate symbol of the Queen’s power and bond the symbol that they based their entire Empire on.

That alone they were useless, but together they could move worlds. Gravely she placed her hand on its golden grip and lifted it from the case. A familiar rush of power surged through her body as the bow recognised her as its champion and its white limbs gleamed with the light of the sun.

Turning to her maids she inclined her head to them “You have my thanks for all your efforts.” She told them, they all curtsied before turning and opening the door of her chambers.


“Hello Citadel! Today History is being made here on the Citadel. The Peace treaty between the newly discovered Nirnian Empire and the Citadel is being signed in what I am told is a traditional Nirnian Ceremony. I’m very excited to see this ceremony as from what we have seen so far it is going to be very elaborate how about you Atkus?” Talia the Asari was back, her famous smile now reaching new proportions as she turned to the Turian male with deep red clan markings next to her.

“That is correct Talia. The Council has been very gracious toward the Nirnians in allowing them to have this ceremony here on the Citadel itself, even going so far as to allow the Nirnians to aid in the security measures for the upcoming signing.”

Talia took up the thread now “And we are fortunate that one of the Nirnians has volunteered to explain the significance of the actions that will be taking place for our Citadel viewers, Azdazi-Daro Kirkar a member of the Khajit species is with us now in the studio.”

A Pale cream tabby Kahjit female with a long black mane, five rings in her long ears and wearing a simple blue dress was revealed sitting across from the two Citadel reporters. “This one is honoured to explain the Signing to you.” She rasped to them her large amber eyes fixed unwinkingly on her hosts.

Atkus flared his mandibles in a smile “What can you tell us about what will be happening today Miss Kirkar?” he asked. Azdazi exposed her long fangs in a smile and her ears twitched slightly, making the rings jingle a little.

“It is an ancient tradition that dates well back to the Second era when our homeworld was at war. It was first used as a show of strength by the various races of Man and eventually grew to also be used by the Mer and Beastkin. Over the centuries it became a way of showing respect between different parties and honouring the efforts of the negotiators who made them possible.” She explained, settling a little deeper into her chair.

Talia smiled again “Now from what I understand there is a procession of each party that has a very specific role in the proceedings. What can you tell us about it?” she asked.

Azdazi’s left ear flicked again and she cocked her head to the side “The procession is led by a herald, someone of high honour and who had a role in the negotiations or first contact in this case. The Council part shall go first as they are the owners of the Citadel. The Nirnian procession is being led by General Corrin Williams of the Imperial Legion, Victor of the Battle of Frostreach and recent recipient of the Medal of Valor by the hand of Queen Serana and the Medal of Mercy by the hand of Queen Ayrenn. After him comes the procession of standards. One for each race and held by a representative of that race except for the Dov and the Giants because of their size.”

Atkus blinked “size? How big are these Dov and Giants?” he asked.

Azdazi looked at him with a smile “the giants are around twelve feet in height while the only Dov in this
area of space tops out at around twelve feet high at the shoulder, twenty-eight feet long from snout to tail and with a wingspan of thirty feet. Needless to say, this one does not believe they would fit on the Citadel” she remarked cheekily.

Talia gasped at her and gave a strangled croak “No matter” Azdazi told them “After the standards comes the diplomatic party, Voices Anatia Galeyal, Aira Sendu and Relena Gildleaf as well as Admiral Kastanie Drescher with Commanders Chases-blue-Dartwings and Malaki Tirus. Then the treaty will be carried by four warriors followed by our beloved Queens Ayrenn the Bold Queen and Serana the Wise.” She halted and turned to Talia and Atkus and asked “who is among you party?”

Atkus cleared his throat “the herald of the Citadel procession is renowned Spectre Tela Vasir who was willing to be publicly named for this ceremony, followed by the standards of all the Council races and their various client races. Matriarch Benezia and her team come next followed by the treaty being carried by C-sec officers and then the Councillors Tevos, Callamus and Uwik” he answered, stumbling a little over the unfamiliar titles.

There was a sound of a horn from the presidium “Ah I believe the procession is starting now” Azdazi informed them leaning back in her chair with the tip of her tail twitching in anticipation. The camera switched to a view of the presidium near the base of the Council tower.

A large stage had been set up with a large table set in the center and a long avenue leading from near the consort’s chambers and was lined with C-sec officers in gleaming blue alternating with gold armoured Nirnian legionnaires every five feet.

Spectre Vasir appeared in her black commando armour and she stalked proudly down the avenue with her head held high and her purple face paint visible. Behind her walked eight representatives of the Council races and their clients Asari, Turian, Salarian, Volus, Hanar, Batarian, Elcor, and Drell in their ceremonial best.

They moved in single file and at the sedate pace set by Vasir. Matriarch Benezia in a striking yellow gown was followed by four of her commandos in jet black armour and her aide in a demure white dress. All of whom had been with her during the talks aboard the Might. Four Turian C-sec officers in dress armour followed them, straining to carry a heavy obsidian tablet two feet tall, one foot wide and three inches thick and covered with elegant Asari script dictating the treaty.

Eight Spectres in black and grey armour moved around the Councillors as an honour guard with their weapons clinking and eyes roving around the crowds gathered behind the standing C-sec and Imperial forces.
Tevos glided gracefully in a blue, white and red gown that flattered her figure, Callamus in striking black and white formal wear stalked beside her and Uwik in the dark grey robes and hood swept along on her other side.

As they reached the platform the tablet with the treaty was placed gently on the center table and the Councillors and diplomatic party arranging themselves on one side of the table but faced outwards to the avenue to watch the Nirnian procession with the representatives and herald arraying themselves in a semi-circle on their half of the stage.

The horn sounded again and a male Breton in black armour with a red cape and horse hair crest marched proudly down the avenue. His armour gleamed and the cape fluttered heroically out behind him with the blade he wore tied elaborately with a white ribbon.

The sixteen standards of Nirn filed after him first the black flag of the Empire then, each carrying a flag with their Racial crest.

The Argonian, Nord, Dunmer, Imperial, Redguard, Kahjit, Falmer, Altmer, Maomer, Bosmer, Orsimer, Dov and Giant all dressed in elaborate cultural costumes, from the heavy robes of the Altmer to the bone and feather strewn costumes of the Argonian and again with all daggers and swords tied to their sheaths.
The Diplomatic party of Nirn followed with Voice Galeyal once again in blinding white samite, Voice Gildleaf in forest green and Voice Sendu in deep crimson the Admiral and her commanders in their smart black uniforms with medals clinking. Again, all with bound blades.

Four heavily muscled, bare chested Orsimer warriors covered in white war paint easily carried the heavy obsidian tablet carved with the harsh strokes of Dovahzul that dictated the treaty. There was a pause then gasp from the watching crowd who jumped a little when the watching Legionnaires crashed a fist to their right breastplate in a salute as the next two figures walked side by side surrounded by black armoured guards.

They all stood taller, puffing out their chests in pride as the party passed. On the left strode Ayrenn II her six feet of height making her visible to all, dressed in her black and gold armour that curved elegantly around her with a curving sword swinging at her hip. Four emerald green streamers and cloth armour accents fluttering behind her with three golden feathers twirling slightly in her hair with the wake of her passing.

The gleaming winged crown highlighted her pale hair and long pointed ears, fierce blue eyes and her glittering golden skin. But the real awe was held for the massive gold and white bow in her left hand, it gleamed with an arcane light and all could feel the power emanating from it.

On the right prowled Serana Volkihar dressed in gleaming white and silver armour with a blood red cape billowing behind her and a black and red blade at her side. Her snow-white skin, blood red lips and
glowing orange eyes complimenting her jet-black hair that was held back with several elegant braids and the jagged crown that rested over her brow.

In her right hand, she held four black and silver arrows that seemed to suck all the light from around them, no gleam or glitter marred their deadly beauty and the shivers crawled down the spines of those who looked at them for too long.

Together these two took their place opposite the Council, with their diplomatic party behind them. The herald and standard bearers mirrored their counter parts.

“Drem Yol Lok Councillors this is an auspicious day” Queen Ayrenn’s voice rolled over the presidium
without the aid of amplification “It brings us great joy to see that peace can begin to grow between our peoples after such bloody beginnings” Serana continued, her voice had the same strange volume as Ayrenn’s. But her voice was gentler, more convincing than Ayrenn’s proud tones.

“Indeed” Tevos replied “what occurred was a tragedy for all concerned. So let us now move forward in
peace.” Her amplified voice now vying with those of the Queens.

“Let the treaties be read so that all may now its contents and all shall know what has been signed.” Spectre Vasir intoned as she had been instructed.

General Williams walked forward and read from the Dovahzul tablet “All that has been written upon this tablet shall dictate the agreements between the Nirnian Empire under the rule of the Dragon Queens Serana Volkihar and Ayrenn II as well as the noble Council of Monarchs, And the Citadel races led by the Council under the rule of Councillors Tevos, Callamus and Uwik as well as all client races of the Citadel. Should any in the above lose their post it is expected that their successor will adhere to the stipulations of this treaty. Here now are the conditions of the treaty shall be addressed.

The Turian Hierarchy must pay the wergild of forty eight Nirnian tonnes of pure uncontaminated gold to the Nirnian Empire as recompense for the destruction and death they wrought upon the Imperial colony of Shanxi. Also the must lend the aid of 36 thousand troops and their commanding officers to aid in the labour of rebuilding said colony of Shanxi. The Nirnian Empire shall return all Prisoners of War that were captured during the battle. The newly opened mass relay 314 and its twin at Shanxi shall go under the control of the Nirnian Empire.

The Nirnian Empire shall allow the Citadel to build an embassy on Shanxi in the city of Frostreach. The Citadel shall permit the Nirnian Empire to build and maintain an embassy upon the Citadel which shall be considered sovereign Imperial territory. All visitors between our nations shall be subject to the nation’s laws. All slavers pirates or criminals apprehended in Imperial space shall be subject to Nirnian punishments without chance of interference by outside powers. All Imperial citizens are allowed the same civil rights as any Council species within reason when in Council territory and all species are permitted the same civil rights as any Imperial citizen within reason when in Imperial territory.

All forms of Military are restricted from moving through Citadel or Imperial space unless an invitation is offered. The Attican Travers shall be given to the Nirnian Empire for colonization. Finally all visitors between our nations must carry a Government Issue visa. Should any of these conditions be reneged upon, then the treaty shall be considered null and void. Here ends the reading of the treaty conditions.”
There was silence as Williams bowed to the assembled leaders and moved back to his position. Then the Queens stepped forward “We deem the treaty just and equitable. Serana said as Ayrenn nodded. Serana picked
up a small silver crucible and Ayrenn a heavy stone seal.

The Council mirrored their movements “We deem this treaty just and equitable” Tevos intoned through gritted teeth, holding the stone seal that was engraved with the councillors’ signatures, while Callamus and Uwik holding the small crucible. Serana activated the crucible that extruded semi- liquid molten gold onto the space at the bottom of the dovahzul tablet and Ayrenn pressed her seal into the gold, marking it with the Imperial seal.

The Council echoed their movements then both sets of leaders moved clockwise around the table to the other nations tablet and repeated the process. This process ended with the Council standing with their backs to the Queen’s Blades and the Nirnians with their back to the Spectres. A slightly nerve-wracking position.
“The treaty is now in effect” Tevos said and the Queens nodded. They moved toward the front of the stage and the Queens placed the bow and arrows on their back before holding their hands to the artificial sky. Tendrils of bright blue mist began to swirl around their hands and converge in a swirling ball above the stage.

There were cries of fear but the Nirnians never moved. Slowly an image took shape in the twenty foot diameter sphere. That of a crowd gathered in front of a large tower. With one voice the Queens bellowed “THERE IS PEACE” the crowd in the sphere cheered before it shrank back into mist that dissipated back into the Queens’ arms.

The parties exited the same way they had entered only with the Nirnian party going first. The screen flicked back to the CNN studio “wow that was intense and that display of Biotics was impressive” Talia gushed.

Azdazi snorted “Not Biotics, Magic.” She informed them “A singularly powerful scrying spell from here to Nirn, this must have taken much energy, If this one was to try the same thing she would be dead” she informed them with a measure of awe in her voice.

The two reporters looked at her strangely before remembering their instructions to ignore any comment involving magic. Atkus turned the conversation toward safer waters “Azdazi can you explain the nuances of what we just saw?” he asked and the Kahjit inclined her head “but of course, that is why this one is here.”

Talia sat up “ok first question why were your Queens wearing armour and carrying weapons?” she asked.

“That is a complicated question” Azdazi mused her tail twitching “the armour is represented of the duty of the Queens to defend their subjects from the Deadra. As long as Ayrenn rules the dragon fires shall burn. The bow is the mark of Ayrenn as the chosen of Auriel or Akatosh but the arrows Serana carried when fired by the bow of Auriel can extinguish a sun. It is the mark of the Empire, that together we are stronger than our parts, a bow with no arrows is of no use just as arrows with no bow do very little. The bow can be used to provide, defend or defeat, it is the act of two different parts working together that make it
powerful.” Azdazi explained, beginning to wax a little poetic toward the end of her speech.

Talia and Atkus nodded like they understood “A very powerful statement, now Azdazi we have been receiving questions from our viewers and we were hoping you could answer them” the Kahjit nodded Atkus pulled out his Omni-tool

“from an Asari here on the Citadel: Why did the gold Queen have feathers in her hair while the black Queen have braids?”

Azdazi smiled “that is an easy one, the feathers represent the first three races of the Aldmeri Dominion the Altmer, Khajit and the Bosmer while the braids are a traditional Nord custom for ones prowess in battle, the more braids the better the fighter. But seeing as Queen Serana is many thousands of years old she wears braids for every one-on-one duel she has won.”

Talia looked at her with shock “Goddess are you saying that your Queens is several thousand years old?” she asked awe lighting up her face.

“Indeed” Azdazi purred “Queen Serana is over six thousand by the latest guess and Queen Ayrenn just celebrated her two thousand and seventy second nameday. They are both immortal and so have been the one who founded the Empire.”

Atkus cleared his throat “Moving on a question from an unknown Batarian on omega: what are the Imperial punishments for slavers?”

The Khajit smirked “slavers are usually given to the vampires as a part of the blood pact, but if it turns out they are inedible then we shall be reinstating our old punishments.”
Talia’s eyes went wide “inedible?” she squeaked.

Azdazi smiled a little bloddthirstily “yes, vampires must drink blood in order to survive, now days instead of executing murderers, rapists and Daedric cultists, they are given to the vampire clans so they do not need to go about drinking from innocents. It is an elegant solution.”

Atkus glanced helplessly at the prompter and quickly took a lifeline thrown to him “We will be back after this commercial” he nearly cried, and the screen turned to sales.

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