The Dragon Queens

Chapter 1

Aboard the Turian Hierarchy Ship Palaven’s spear

“Sir the Batarians are activating the relay” the comms officer reported.

“DAMN!” General Desolas Arterius swore. “Stop them!” he commanded as he strode toward his command chair.
“Relay is activating. Sir they’ve gone through” came the reply from the slightly terrified looking ensign at the sensors.

“Order the fleet to follow. No one escapes justice” Desolas commanded, the various bridge crew looked at each other in uncertainty before leaping into action pursuing the fleeing pirates directly into Nirnian space and forever changing the face of the Galaxy.

Aboard the Nirn Imperial Vessel Dawn Flight

Captain Branvic Ice Fist, stared at the new ship that emerged from the behind the asteroid belt. It was of design he had never seen before, and it moved using a strange form of propulsion. Its boxy shape was ugly to his eyes and its dull pitted hull far cry from the elegant sweeping lines and golden hulls with silver accents of the Empire’s navy.

“Captain this ship matches no recorded pirate or raider vessels in our records or any known design” the young amber furred Kahjit male reported from his station “Scan them, then prepare the firs…” he began to command but was Interrupted.

“Sir more ships are emerging from the field. They possess the same manner of propulsion as the first vessel but possess a different profile from the first vessel” he was interrupted by a Dunmer woman who he had ordered to monitor the field after the first ship had emerged.

This ship’s profile was much different from the first vessel, sleeker, more avian in its design and with a much shinier silver hull.

“Sir the second vessel is firing on the first” the Kahjit reported. “Move away from them we don’t want to get involved in another species’ fight” Ice fist told them “but sir” the Dunmer began.

“you have your orders and you all know the first contact protocol” the captain reminded his crew “we back away, we don’t know their abilities yet, to attempt to get involved could be disastrous for the Empire” slowly the Flight retreated whilst keeping the new ships in view.

“Captain! More vessels matching the profile of the second vessel are emerging from the field” his scanner reported.

“Divines” he muttered to himself as 27 more ships of varying size came into view “Helm get us out of here now!” He barked at his Altmer helmsman “we must warn Shanxi and the Empire.”

As if to emphasise his words, the first ship was destroyed. Atmosphere flaring briefly with flames in the cold vacuum of Aetherius. Swiftly the flight spun and tore off towards their colony all the while sending their warnings to the Imperial legion stationed on Shanxi.

Palaven’s Spear

“Excellent work” Desolas congratulated his crew, a few cheers rose from the group before his tactical office reported.

“General we have an unknown vessel heading toward the planet. Its profile does not match any known configuration and it shows no sign of eezo” a silence fell over the bridge as the ship came into view. It was smaller than their dreadnaught and rather beautiful Desolas thought to himself it looked rather like a diving bird of prey, it’s long fuselage came to a blunt point at the front but widened to the engines making it look like a pair or wings tucked in close to the body.

Its tail fins was a single vertical stabiliser that rose above the rest of the ship where it narrowed again at the tail and its hull was a highly reflective gold with a silver accenting pattern that looked rather like feathers, completing their birdlike appearance.

The officer continued “they are using a form of propulsion not documented” he paused and looked up “I think this is a new alien species” silence reigned over the bridge for a few seconds with everyone staring at the officer in shock until Desolas broke the spell.

“No eezo you say, that would mean that they are new to space flight and that this is their homeworld” the tactical officer nodded “eezo is needed to achieve FTL without it they would be trapped in their own solar system.” Desolas pause in consideration before smiling at his crew. “The spirits have smiled on us this day, the destruction of a Batarians pirate fleet and the addition of a new client species for the Turian hierarchy” the crew grinned, they were going to show another species the might of the Turian military and gain new land and riches for their hierarchy.

Excitement rose as they turned their attention to the flee ship and the world it was aiming for. There would be honours and medals abound to win on this world. “Helm pursue that ship and tell the fleet to prepare for a subjugation of the aliens homeworld” their general barked.

A series of crisp salutes and a chorus of “yes sir” was heard throughout the bridge and the Fleet began to pursue the smaller golden hulled ship that moved with surprising speed away from them.

Frostreach, Shanxi

The colony of Shanxi was in a state of controlled chaos. Evacuation teams were everywhere as the hustled groups of civilians to the underground bunkers. The Imperial legion was on full combat alert, standing in their heavily plated Stahlrim and Elven alloy power armour checking over their weapons.

Enchantments were recharged, blades were sharpened, bow strings and crossbow strings were oiled, arrows and bolts counted, and firearms were cleaned. Armour wards where powered and their Aether gem power sources were opened to the Aether while legions marched through the city, preparing to meet their foe.
The children of Nirn used a combination of modern firearms that were enchanted to fire Stahlrim projectiles made from a Stahlrim spike charm developed by the collage of Winterhold and propelled by a very powerful telekinetic push that sent the thumb sized spike at over 300 m/s.

The older methods of fighting were still employed and as a result handheld shields were as well, but their armour wards were powered by Aether gems protecting from projectiles and could withstand a constant stream of bullets for 8 seconds before they were drained. But eight seconds was enough time for a trained warrior to gut their opponent.

In short they maintained their hold on their old ways by bringing them up to par with their newer technology. It was the way the gods had intended mortals to fight and so they would continue doing so.
A Breton, General Corrin Williams stood in front of the magelight viewer that showed the positions of all his solders with a frown. “I was the 36th, 345th and the 268th legions to be positioned here, here and here” he commanded. “have the 175th, 32nd and the 281st standing ready to shore up the front line as need be.”

Swiftly calls were made to the commanders of the legions informing them where they were ordered to dig in and prepare for the siege. “Excuse me general Williams” the accented voice of a Kahjit caught his attention.

“Yes, what is it” he said not looking away from the viewer.

“This one’s name is Kanum’ Ver and is the leader of the Eyes on this colony” Williams’ head jerked ‘round to look at the grey and black spotted Kahjit with a short black mane and a pair of silver and gold rings in his ears.

“The Queens Eyes are here?” he said incredulously. “We are everywhere” Kanum replied as he leaned insolently against the war table. “Our magnificent Queens, whilst immortal cannot be everywhere at once. They rely on others to be their eyes, just as they rely on you to be their hands in this coming battle.”
Williams nodded he had suspected as much but never really thought about it. The Queen’s Eyes were their elite spy force just as the Queens Blades were their elite guard. Even though they were the legion many solders still identified with their original Queen although it had been almost 2000 years since the forming of the Empire thought there had been some switching.

Mer for instance identified more with Queen Ayrenn and men with Queen Serana the Kahjit and dragons were Ayrenn’s while the Argonians and giants who had joined society 800 years ago were Serana’s. Nicknames arose from people’s preference, the Ayrenn’s eagles and Serana’s bats were the most popular. “We, the eyes will begin to harass their troops the minute they land, and trust Kanum, they will land. Our ships cannot hold out against their fleet” Kanum’s voice jolted him out of his thoughts and he nodded.

“I just wish we knew where in oblivion they came from. There were no transmissions heard when we first came here, no oblivion artifact, nothing. Now we have a fleet of alien ships coming at us from Sheogorath knows where and the Imperial fleet is 4 days away from arriving.” He admitted before slamming his hands on the table in frustration.

He took a few deep breaths to compose himself then turned to Kanum “what can you tell me about the aliens” the Kahjit shook his head, the rings in his ears chiming softly.

“Sadly we have not been able to find their communications in order to hack them. The Dawn Flight is too far away for our agent aboard to do anything and the aliens attempted no communications. All we know is that the aliens are pursuing it back to Shanxi, as the aliens can no doubt hear our transmissions they know we are here so the Flight it hoping to join up with our security detail in order to use a larger number of ships to hold against this new threat” the Khajiit informed him remorsefully.

Williams closed his eyes “I know I’m going to regret this question, but are there any dark brotherhood or thieves’ guild chapters on Shanxi?”

Kanum smiled “but of course, they were in the first wave of colonists. The brotherhood has been thriving on this planet and the guild has built itself up quite nicely. It keeps the criminals in check” Kanum’s smirk made Williams shudder.

“Is there any way beyond the black sacrament to contact both orders?” he asked, recovering from his unease swiftly.

“That depends on what you want them for” Kanum told him seriously, golden eyes watching him sharply.
“I need them to pair up with the Nightingales and the Eyes to begin stealth operations against the aliens when they arrived. Assassinate squad leaders throw their chain of command into disarray, steal equipment so we can study and counter them” Williams informed him, staring hard at the map as it updated with the current legion locations.

Kanum nodded turning away, “give this one a few minutes and this one will see if he can contact them” the Kahjit ghosted from the room showing that he was a master in sneaking.

Williams turned back to the viewer and his aides who looked at him is silence “if any of you tell another soul what I just did I will feed you to the skeevers myself” he told them quietly, sounding even more threatening for it.

They all looked away hastily whilst Sahrahnah (phantom god fury) the leader of the dragons on Shanxi chuckled “I approve little joore” it is high time those groups aided the Empire in a more legal manner.
The others nodded though a few looked worried. “The Queens will know” a young lieutenant said, his voice shaking a little at the thought.

“Of course they will know, and they will approve as well, the Dovah Jud are very pragmatic” Sahrahnah told them grinning as she sifted her enormous bulk. “What would you have the Dov to do?” she asked turning them back to the matter at hand.

Palaven’s Spear

The Turian fleet came around the last planet between them and the colony and saw 15 ships of various sizes in orbit, including one that was the same size as Desolas’ dreadnaught. All made of the same gold and silver metal and along the same pattern as the smaller ship that had run from them.

“Sir, they are transmitting something” his comms officer told him, looking up from his station to his Commanding officer.

“Let’s hear it” Desolas ordered, leaning forward in anticipation.

“Drem yol Lok zuruniik fahvos los meyzvolaan het?” a voice issued from the speakers, it sounded female, though it was not flanged like a Turian’s voice, it sounded more akin to an Asari’s.

“ Any luck translating?” Desolas asked his crew, only to be met with head shakes to the negative.” Fine, Ignore them and get into position to maintain orbital dominance” Desolas Commanded.

As their ships got closer to the planet the aliens sent another transition in the same guttural language “mu naav hi, dreh ni bo naan strin. Waan hi zuthiir mu fen nuft vodrem wah fustir hi nol un hofkiin” there was a clear warning in the alien’s voice now.

“Sir I’m detecting massive energy spike along their hulls, I believe they are preparing to fire” a sensor monitor reported. It was true, along the bows of several ships, light had begun to gather.

“Hi lost ni klov un uth. Ful Zu’u kinbokein Taria Goldeneye gronzul hi wah dinok ko faan do un morokei jud, aal nust fahbo wah rel. Sithis kuz hi” the voice blared at them and the last three words were hissed at them with hatred.

“Sir they’re firing” the scanner reported hurriedly and the bridge exploded into tightly controlled action.

“Raise shields and prepare salvos, fire at will!” Desolas ordered as claxons blared and the say a flurry of what looked like silver spikes be fired from the golden vessels followed by some kind of shells that glowed brightly like bolts of fire raceing towards his ships.

He felt the ship shake beneath him as the MAC guns fired and watched as his own salvos flew towards the enemy. He then watched in first satisfaction as the silvery projectiles were halted by the shields, then in horror as the glowing bolts passed through them as if the shields were not even there.

The bolts struck and gutted the ships they hit, boiling away armoured hulls as if they were snow before a red-hot blade. His fleet’s salvo was halted by sparkling blue shields that wavered under the onslaught.
“Fire again then get our troops onto the planet!” he commanded “don’t let those weapons hit you” he added unnecessarily as the fleet moved again into position and streams of troop transports flooded down to the surface and landed just outside the main city. The battle for Shanxi had begun.

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