The Dragon Queens

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Rek los kiin do vul nuz lost hez sil ahrk los nu vul rel. Rek los kiin al nuz lost fask sil ahrk los nu kun rel. Pahvoth nust los dovah jud, in do lokoltei.
She [Serana] was born of dark but with bright soul and became the dark Ruler. She [Ayrenn] was born a destroyer but with a gentle soul and became the light Ruler. Together they are the dragon Queens, masters of the Empire.
Parthunax on the Dragon Queens Serana and Ayrenn II


When we think back on the lives of our two Queens we must remember that they began their lives as regular mortals. Our Night Queen Serana Volkihar was born in the first era, even she does not know the exact date. She was born to the ancient warlord Harkon and his wife Valerica, both worshippers of the Daedric lord Molag Bal.

Through this worship they became true blooded vampires, and then offered their daughter to the Daedric lord. After surviving the ritual, she became a daughter of cold harbour like her mother and thus, immortal. In the following centuries Harkon became obsessed with the ancient prophecy of the tyranny of the sun.
One that would allow him to extinguish the bane of night dwellers and install a vampiric reign over Tameriel. Valerica was no fool. She knew this would only lead to the destruction of her kind. So in an attempt to prevent this prophesy from occurring, she stole Harkon’s Elderscrolls and sealed one with Serana in what would become known as Dimhollow crypt in later eras, before fleeing with the other into the Soul Cairn.


The story of the Day Queen Ayrenn II is far more exact, recorded by scholars and far less shrouded by the mists of time. She was born in 115 2nd century 4 era with the name Erenwyn to Aicedaen Alkinus and his wife Mirkril with her twin sister Elenwyn and her younger brother Aidyon.

Aicedaen was a Thalmor Justicar first class and Mirkril was a teacher for the Healers collage of Skywatch. She and her siblings grew up in a fairly traditional Altmer home, educated as Altmer of high birth and chose positions within the Thalmor government as was expected.

Aicedaen and Mirkril were killed in an accident when Ayrenn was barely 60, leaving her to become the head of house Alkinus, a role she held despite her lower status within the governmental hierarchy to her sister. She became a Justicar first class like her father and grew to have a reputation of fairness and efficiency that earned her several enemies amongst the Thalmor.

Her twin, Elenwyn was ambitious and shrewd, determined to be rise in the political arena, she joined the diplomatic corps, aiming for an ambassadorial position. Her younger brother Aidyon was much like his elder sister but more politically minded.

He too saw the cruelty of the Thalmor and thus entered the local government to mediate some of the more violent and racist policies, always doing his best to stall the zealots from their insane plot.

In 190 2nd century and 4th era Elenwyn was appointed the Thalmor ambassador to Skyrim. She used this appointment to gain control over her twin, often going out of her way to humiliate or discredit Erenwyn. Giving her impossible tasks and sending her out on borderline suicidal missions.

Despite these actions Erenwyn still maintained her reputation as a fair and effective Justicar and was noticeably popular among the lower classes in the Dominion through her refusal to discriminate by race.
She treated all as equal and this infuriated her elitist twin who began plotting a way to dispose of Erenwyn. It was during these times that the Thalmor began executing lower class Altmer, Bosmer and Kahjit of any caste. Sickened by these actions Erenwyn and Aidyon began a network to smuggle those slated for “cleansing” to other kingdoms, saving many.

Elenwyn discovered these activities but Erenwyn took full blame, freeing her brother from their sister’s wrath and held her sisters hand by showing documents she had created using Elenwyn’s signature implicating her in these actions. Denied her chance to end her twin publicly, Elenwyn was forced to act discreetly. She concocted a plan that would destroy her sister, if not politically then at least fatally.

She ordered her sister’s squad to patrol in the mountains near the border of Skyrim, near where intelligence had placed a Stormcloak patrol. Then she hired a Bandit Clan to attack and kill the entire squad save for Erenwyn.

The plan went perfectly, Erenwyn’s squad was massacred and she was beaten until she was unrecognisable before she was sold to the Imperials as a murderer and a thief. Fortune turned its back during that raid for Erenwyn, as in that raid the Empire captured none other than Ulfric Stormcloak.

Elenwyn was summoned and seeing her sister in amongst the prisoners swiftly ordered for the execution of them all. The appearance of Alduin at Helgen that day interrupted the execution allowing for the escape of both Ulfric and Erenwyn in the confusion; Ulfric running back to Windhelm to gather his forces and begin the Skyrim civil war while Erenwyn fled in the company of and Imperial officer Hadvar.

She left for Whiterun at the behest of the people of Riverwood to warn Jarl Bulgruf of the dragon threat. Through a series of event she became a valued member of the Jarl of Whiterun’s court beforeaiding the guards of Whiterun to slay a dragon threatening the city, it was then that she was revealed to be Dragonborn.

One of the first Altmer Dragonborns in almost 13 centuries. Events began to move quickly, as she was summoned by the Greybeards to study the way of the voice and set on a quest to destroy Alduin the world eater.

During this titanic quest she was able to send a message to her brother in Alinor, telling him of their sister’s betrayal and her desire for revenge. His advice to her was to build contacts, form allies, lay as low as her new position as the Dragonborn would allow and to bide her time with her revenge on Elenwyn.
Erenwyn gleefully began a shadow campaign against her sister. Using contact, she formed in the Thieves’ guild and the Dark brotherhood, making life in Skyrim nearly untenable for her twin. In the space of a few short months saw her the thane of several holds including Whiterun, Riften and Solitude and Arch-mage of the college of Winterhold.

She took control of the newly reformed thieves guild now operating as a guild of noble thieves, stealing from the rich and aiding the less fortunate, after a cut of course. What is less well known is her ascendance to the leadership of the resurrected Dark Brotherhood as the listener, also using the same aid the less fortunate method. Assassinating those who would use the brotherhood to kill because of race or for personal gain.

All the while she delved into the deepest caverns and trekked the wildest and most remote locations to expand her knowledge of the Thu’um, as well as searching for an Elderscroll. It was during one of these dungeon dives as she called them, that she encountered a coffin with a young woman inside of it.
This was how Erenwyn met Serana, they traveled back to castle Volkihar where Serana discovered the truth to her father’s madness and fled with Erenwyn into the wilds of Skyrim, taking her father’s Elderscroll with her. They dove into the Dwemer ruins of Blackreach and found the dragon Elderscroll in the tower of Mzark, fighting through innumerable of the then blind and savage Falmer.

Every step of the Dragonborns fight against Alduin, Serana was right beside her as a friend and confident. They were inseparable all the way to Erenwyn’s entry to Sovahngard where just before she left they swore a blood sibling oath, joining their clans together. Serana waited as her sister did battle with the world eater and though neither of them knew it at the time, Erenwyn became immortal with her absorbing Alduin’s soul.

With her destiny as the Dragonborn fulfilled and an uneasy peace between the Stormcloaks and the Empire that was reached during the dragon threat She and Serana turned their attention to the vampire threat. Serana’s father Harkon had been hunting the pair across Skyrim seeking to use his daughter blood to taint the bow of Auri-el.

This hunt caused the two women to bring about the end of Harkon’s madness by slaying him and the majority of his coven. During this fight the found the bow of Auri-el and used it to defeat Harkon. In the wake of his death Serana was crowned the new Queen of the vampires with her mother Valerica as her advisor.

Queen by right -Ayrenn

The situation with the Thalmor in the Aldmeri Dominion was deteriorating. Purges and inquisitions were carried out with greater frequency and raids were sanctioned against neighbouring kingdoms. Mandatory military service was enforced and fear saturated the sunny isle under their terrifying rule.

Elenwyn, returned from Skyrim had taken over the now radicalized Thalmor with zealous intensity, driving
the atrocities they committed. She began pushing forward the Dominion’s attempts to remove the Oblivion Gates in a truly deluded attempt to grant the Altmer immortality and cleanse all of Nirn of the blight that were the races of men.

It was in this time that Akatosh came to Erenwyn in a dream. His youngest daughter now immortal through the soul of his eldest Son and offered to extend to her the ancient pact that had once existed between him and the Septim dynasty. So long as she ruled the people of Nirn or was allied with their rulers, the malevolent Daedric Princes would remain barred from Mundus.

She accepted and Akatosh sent signs of this new pact to the priests of the various peoples. With dreams and omens raining down upon the clergy, a great panic swept across both the Empire and Dominion, whispering rumours of a Queen who was destined to rule through the will of the gods.

Through the careful manipulations of her brother Aidyon she was placed upon the throne of the Dominion after she lead a coup d’état that saw the common and oppressed of the Dominion rise up and kill many of the Thalmor officials, including her sister Elenwyn.

When the dust settled the armies and free peoples of the Dominion demanded that Erenwyn claim her birthright as the decedent of Aerynn the Unforeseen Queen and the child of Akatosh, it was found that she was the only one the bow of Auri-el would allow to hold and they deemed her the blessed on of Auri-el.
She was placed upon the throne of the summerset isles and named high Queen Ayrenn II, the Golden Queen of the Aldmeri Dominion; ruler of the Altmer, Bosmer and Kahjiit. With a crown on her head and an army at her back, she began a great campaign to eradicate the prejudice against other races, striving for complete racial equality. Laws were put into place under her rule that endure still.

Whilst the Dominion reworked itself, the priests of the Empire where frantically searching for the Dragonborn Erenwyn Alkinus. The only Dragonborn in existence and thus the true heir to the Ruby throne. This search was given new urgency due to the need for a new Emperor after the assassination of the previous Emperor Titus Mede II (Erenwyn’s own handiwork). But no one could find her, for Erenwyn no longer existed.

Queen by Challenge- Serana

Serana began to establish herself as a rampant political force in Skyrim after Erenwyn’s departure for the Isle. She abdicated her position of Queen of Vampires in favour of her mother. Stating that she had bigger plans. She became wildly popular with the common people as she started her own rebellion, focusing this time of freedom of all under her aegis. With her approach of peace and racial equality like her sister in the south, many flocked to her banner.

With the Empire failing and the Stormcloaks loosing men to the more tolerant Serana, a moot was called. Serana was named the Jarl of Riften through the challenging of Maven Blackbriar with the hold as the prize and attended the moot that happened just days later.

With her position as a Jarl of Skyrim she was now a contender for the throne of high king. When later asked about the moot she would only say that human politics has nothing on Vampires. She was careful and canny throughout the moot, ruthless in her debates and affable to her peers. So charmed or cowed were the Jarls that in the end she was crowned the high Queen of Skyrim.

Ulfric Stormcloak did not agree to the vote and challenge her to a duel. During the long and bloody fight, he attempted to use the Thu’um against Serana but to no avail. She slew him after seven hours of battle and took his hold as her own.

Just when Jarl Balgruff the greater declared that he could not be more surprised, Serana produced the jagged crown, causing the jarl to laugh until he cried. Three days later she was crowned High Queen by the Greybeards, after ascending to their mountain monastery with her retinue. Her coronation was marked by the appearance of Talos himself, who named her the true Queen of Skyrim and the presence of the new High Queen of the Dominion. Who had attended in resplendent green and gold with an honour guard of twenty to
congratulate her sister on her coronation.

Death of the old Empire

Now with two High Queens ruling their kingdoms with a near ruthless efficiency and equality, the Empire found itself in between two blooming super powers. Desperate, the elder Council attempted to contact the Dark brotherhood to silence these two Queens, but to no avail. The guild refused to kill either Queen and in fact, defended them from assassins that were later sent.

The Dawnguard, a group vampire hunters also refused to kill Serana as she had entered into a working relationship with them by employing them to hunt down the feral vampires and police existing ones.
Vampires were offered a choice join the Volkihar vampire clan and submit to the laws now in place to limit and regulate feeding and turnings (one solution was for prisoners that would have been executed were now handed to the vampires to act as steady sources for blood potions) or be killed.

This act was mirrored to the south with a new chapter called the Order of Harmony who enforced similar laws in the Aldmeri Dominion. Vampire clans were established and were packs formed with their own rulers and leaders policing their kind with the aid of the Order. Through this act, peace was secured between the vampires and the humans.

Weres and Vampires were no longer shunned but given full rights as citizens with establishments opening to cater to these beings and shops extending hours to gather more business from this, until now untapped market. With the Dawnguard and Order working in concert, the fear of Vampires an d Weres was diminished
and coexistence possible.

Meanwhile the agents of the Empire had finally discovered that high Queen Ayrenn of the Dominion was also Erenwyn Alkinus, the Dragonborn they sought. This revelation sent the elder Council into chaos, with panic causing several major economical disasters for the Empire.

Eventually the truth was revealed to the people and the Elder council asked what the people of the Empire wished. By this time stories of the high Queen Ayrenn had become tales of horror because of her allying Aldmeri Dominion with the now annexed kingdom of Skyrim. This fear, coupled with the fear of the Dominion caused the people to decree that the Empire would never submit to the Aldmeri Dominion.

To rule Nirn

In the intervening years before the final unification, Serana and Ayrenn formed new alliances with the Bretons, Argonians, Redguard and Dunmer kingdoms. Their monarchs could tell that the empire’s star was waning and the prosperity and peace that was seen under the Queens’ banners drew them like moths to flame.
slowly over a period of 40 years absorbing them into their respective kingdoms and increasing their power, but doing it peacefully with very little changing in the day to day lives of its people. Religion was left untouched save for malevolent Deadra worship which was outlawed for the safety of the populous. Otherwise people were allowed to worship whomever they choose.

Racial equality was promoted among the young and education systems were implemented to ensure a growth in scholastic pursuits. All in all, the various races under the rule of the two Queens thrived. Magical research was encouraged, technological innovations and revival of ancient Dwemer arts became more common.
Yet during this time the Empire of Cyrodiil was in chaos. Immigration was at an all time high as people moved to either the Dominion of the Northern kingdoms. As the Empire refused to ally with either kingdom was plagued by Daedric incursions. The Empire was fracturing, provinces and cities splintering away and finding safety from the Daedric hoards under the protection of the 4th Aldmeri Dominion or the Skyrim protectorate.

Soon only the very core of the Empire was all that remained free and overrun by Deadra. The elder Council still refused to join either side whilst their people fled into the two kingdoms that now surrounded the Imperial city.

Eventually the two Queens summoned an army to take the city together, to end the Daedric threat. For as long as there was one city state that held out, the Deadra would continue to assault all of Tameriel using it as a foothold. Their armies were massive, each power fielding over forty thousand troops.

They took the white gold tower in 2 days, fighting through the streets of the city through the hordes of Deadra that stood between them hand what was left of the elder Council barricaded in the white gold tower. It was said that the streets of the Imperial city ran ankle deep with blood and the lake surrounding the walls turned crimson for months afterward.

On the 7th of Morning star in the year 259 2nd century 4 era the city was cleared and the white gold tower breached. The remaining elder Council submitted themselves to Queen Ayrenn and therefore closed the continent of Tameriel off from the Deadra.

In what is now famously called the meeting of Queens, the ancient dragon Parthunax descended on the white gold tower with a small contingent of dragons and on behalf of the ancient Dovah swore their allegiance to Queen Ayrenn and Queen Serana.

This bloody day is now one of great celebration and mourning throughout the Empire as all ourn the loss of the thousands who gave their lives to take the Imperial city. It was also on this day that the two Queens formed the Tamrielic Empire with the two of them as co rulers. So did the 5th Era begin with the Queens standing side by side, dressed in armour with the winged and jagged crowns upon their heads as all the races of Tameriel bowed to them.

The golden armoured forces of the Dominion were arrayed out behind her as she stood before her troops to the south of the Imperial city. From where she stood she could make out the Stahlrim clad forces of the Skyrim Protectorate of the northern side of the city.

A speech cloud appeared and Serana’s voice echoed from the cloud “see you at the towers Renn.”
Queen Ayrenn II grinned and raised her horn to her lips and blew. An answering horn call came from Serana’s forces and their trebuchets launched in concert. Enchanted stones battered the walls, exploding on contact and igniting any Daedra caught in the blasts.

Slowly the walls were reduced to rubble as both armies smashed through the ancient walls that now swarmed with all manner of creatures from oblivion. Once the walls were breached she raised her sword “RANGED!!” she shouted, using her Thu’um.

The air became charged as hundreds of mages readied spells and filled with the creaking of bows being drawn “FIRE!!”

The sky turned black with arrows and lit by the arcane forces that were hurled at the city. Most struck home and she smiled grimly, proud of her people. With a deep breath she gathered her Thu’um and with her curved sword in one hand and a spell in the other her bellowed “DOMINION ADVANCE!” Before sprinting toward the city. The lake surrounding it had been frozen over in preparation for the assault, with dirt and sawdust strewn about to provide traction.

A ringing cry came from her forces “FOR THE QUEEN!” they cried, their voices shaking the heavens and their boots shaking the ground as they charged after their leader. Bosmer rangers stayed on the high ground sniping the enemy from afar. Breton knights ran alongside Khajiit rogues and Altmer battle mages. Orsimer warriors dashed forward with Weres roaring into battle beside them.

To the north came the Nordic Battle cry “GLORY OR SOVERNGARD!!!!!” and the answering cry “FOR OUR QUEEN” as the Skyrim berserkers, Dunmer spellswords, Argonian warriors, Redguard swordsmen and vampire forces also charged forward into the city smashing through their enemies with all the subtlety of a battering ram. They tore through the streets, ready to meet their allies in the center.

Like to pincers gripping the city they drove forward. Each point taken with great cost to both forces. The fighting was brutal and not one soldier was not drenched in the blood of friend and foe alike. They took the city street by street, alley by alley square by square. Days dragged by filled with blood death and horror.

Evening on the second day saw the White-gold Tower encircled by the two bloody and weary armies. There were few unwounded, and many were leaning on each other for support.

The doors to the ancient tower creaked open to reveal the trembling face of Lord Cyril, head of the elder Council. He peaked fearfully out, only to see the two armies led by two very angry, blood drenched women standing outside his door.

He heaved open the doors and stumbled down the steps toward the two Queens followed by the rest of the Council. The two women looked awe inspiring. On the left stood Queen Ayrenn of the Dominion, easily 6 feet in height she towered over most men, lending to her air of authority. Her long white blond hair was stained with blood and held back from her face by a winged, crown like helm that covered her cheeks with a second pair of wings.

Her red spattered, golden skin was accented by her black armour that gleamed beneath the grime that covered it. Gold highlights still shone and the burned and stained emerald green shoulder decoration and cloth accents on her armour fluttered in an errant ash laden wind.

Her curved elven blade was still unsheathed and gleaming beneath the gore in her left hand while her right glove bore the scorch patterns seen with mages who favored lightning destruction magic. Her electric blue eyes fixed on him with an intensity that brought to mind an eagle that has spotted its prey as they glared out through the dark of her helm.

The lord swallowed nervously and looked at the woman on the right. Queen Serana looked no more welcoming then her ally. Standing at a height of 5’7” she was a tall and imposing woman, her glowing orange eyes stared balefully at him from a snow-white, blood spattered face that was framed by a helm crowned with dragon teeth that sat upon midnight black hair.

Her crystalline Stahlrim armour with silver edging and red cloth accents was just as bloody as her ally’s and the blood red cape that flowed from her pauldrons was stained, burnt and torn from her battles. In her right hand sat a dangerous looking Daedric blade and her left glove was covered in frost.

He walked forward the last few steps and fell to his knees before the Elven Queen, his head bowed “I surrender to you” he said brokenly “the Empire lays itself at the feet of the Aldmeri Dominion and swears its loyalty to you.” The rest of the Council followed suit swearing their oaths of loyalty to the Mer Queen.

“Rise and take your place among the peoples of the Dominion” she said, her voice a clear and beautiful mezzo. “Your error nearly cost your Empire everything, but we shall help you rebuild. We hope you will find new purpose and strength among the people of the Dominion”.

Lord Cyril bowed his head and rose to stand before his new Queen “thank you, your majesty” he said then gesturing to the tower said “all we have is now yours”.

She smiled and nodded, the celebratory cheers of the weary armies was interrupted by a great roar and the sounds of many wings causing the air to throb. Men, Mer and Beast shouted in fear as a collection of dragons filled the northern sky.

“DOVAHKIIN” rumbled an massive Thu’um.

“PARTHUNAX’ the Queen shouted back before ordering to both armies in a shout that the entire city could hear “LET THEM APPROACH.”

Shakily they lowered their bows and spells. The great wing of Dragons swooped down upon the assembly before the tower and a massive dragon landed before it making the ground shudder.

“Drem Yol Lok Dovahkiin” the massive dragon said “we have come wah vaat vahrot, to swear and oath to you” Queen Ayrenn’s eyes opened wide in surprise.

“What kind of oath Zuwuth?” she asked curiously.

The great grey dragon bowed his head to her in deference “an vahrot do midrot, of loyalty. The Dov will aam, serve you, Dovah jud dragon Queen, Tuuri of all” he stated in his deep voice.

There was stunned silence throughout the city as all head this, then Serana and Ayrenn looked at each other and nodded. They slowly ascended the stairs that led to the front doors of the Tower until they were visible to all. They looked over the assembled crowd and seemed to speak to each other before
Ayrenn nodded in agreement. Serana spoke “when I was crowned Queen I swore to do what was right for my people, no matter what” she looked to her sister who nodded.

“I also took this vow” she informed her subjects, her voice rolling over the square. “Now we stand, a Tameriel with two great powers, stronger than even the Empire of Tiber Septim.” Serana told the crowd who cheered.

“A strong Tameriel to be sure, but a Tameriel united would be even stronger” Ayrenn told them her head held high and her eyes flashing. So we declare, together. Here and now, that the Tamrielic Empire is born. An Empire formed of two powers and ruled by two Queens” The roar of the assembled armies shook the very sky, for indeed, and Empire had been born

Centuries passed, with both Queens being immortal they guided their people with foresight and wisdom. Always planning ahead, always looking to the horizon and pushing their people to excel. The Aldmeri Dominion and the Skyrim protectorate still operated the as they had been before, with each race’s leaders ruling their people and the High Queens ruling the leaders.

They formed the Council which governed the Empire in the day to day rulings while the Queens handled the larger issues that required them to speak for their people as a whole.

The standard of the Empire was that of a black dragon with its wings outstretch flying over a blue field of stars and dovahzul was the language of the court though the common tongue remained the same.

The Queens were given the title, Dragon Queens and in the 4th century they were named: Vulrel and Kunrel by the Snow elf Gelebor and a small group of surviving snow elves who had remained since the betrayal.
With peace upon the surface world they approached the queens and swore themselves into the new Empire. The Maomer eventually accepted Ayrenn as their Queen and after several centuries put aside their hatred for the Altmer and were integrated into society, making fabulous sailors and crewing many of the ships in the now combined navies.

The Queens became revered, although they tried to dispel this, there was still a great deal of reverence towards the dragon Queens because of their immortality. Expeditions to Akavir were made only to find that the natives to the continent had slain each other in their wars against each other.

Colonisation began of the newly vacant continent making the Tamrielic Empire and Empire of Nirn. With the continents occupied they turned their sights to the stars and the artificers began looking into a way to reach the moons.

In 5th century the first aetherium vessel was launched and they avoided landing on their moons as they were sacred to the Kahjit. A few centuries later the method of oblivion travel whereby the vessel was passed through the realm of a benevolent Deadra (a deal was made with Meridia) and slowly they began to colonise the stars.

It was in the solar system of a planet they named earth (a land from a popular fictional series) that they found the first gate. The tuning fork shaped devise looked like the symbol for oblivion and so with an order directly from the Queens, general Odahviing oversaw the destruction of the artifact.

The weapon held up pitifully against their Arcanum weapons (destruction spells that are powered by a soul gem that draws energy from the Aether, a dimension of pure magic that is unlimited in its power and is the main source of power for the Nirnian Empire, powering everything from guns and ships to the electricity of their infrastructure though as all can do magic light if generally done by magic).

In every system where the encountered another artifact they destroyed them. It was at the new colony of Shanxi (also a mythical name) that they learned that they were not alone in the galaxy. A relay was hidden in an asteroid field in that system and as the Nirnians found no artifact they thought themselves safe and colonized without fear of Deadra.

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